The Story

Mercy Mission Australia is an organization with great experience of answering difficult community questions. Running very diverse programs in Melbourne that has inspired the community to come together and facilitate the purchase of a building for a new Madinah Centre for over $4m, we now want to do the same in Sydney.


We want to launch the first ‘Madinah’ of the city which will bring together education, social services, youth engagement, Non-Muslim dialogue and in all truth, a true community spirit. Every donor can be sure that every dollar will win amazing rewards:

  1. Establishing a house of Allah
  1. The Jummah Prayers of thousands of people every year
  1. Facilitating the breaking of the fasts of hundreds of people through Ramadan
  1. Opportunity for needy Muslims to come and get support including refugees
  1. Educational courses for different members of the community to better understand their religion
  1. Over 50 Islamic classes per annum
  1. The first open access facility for Muslim youth to come and support the production of the Little Explorer TV programs
  1. Marriage facilitation for young people through our bespoke Islamically guided services and event.